The treatment for dark circles under the eyes

The dark circles under your eyes can be due to the thin nature of your skin. This allows the muscle that is dark colored to shine through the skin and look dark when you look at your lower eyelid. The key in this situation is to add a layer between your skin and the muscle below. Laser resurfacing can add a layer to camouflage the muscle better.  Also adding a filler in this area can help as well.

Fillers such as restylane, Juvederm, or fat injections are possibilities. The other reason for dark circles can be due to the volume loss under the eyes which allows the fat within your eye orbit region to relatively protrude more to cast a shadow underneath the eye. Filling in this volume with fat can help that as well. Sometimes, taking out fat in the eye orbit can help this condition too. There are many things can be done to help this situation.

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