Deep scar from a spider bite with no improvement with 6 laser treatments by Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

This was a question that I answered for someone that had a Deep scar from a spider bite with no improvement with 6 laser treatments . This is how I answered this question regarding Scar Revision for this Deep Scar:

Deep scars are hard to reverse with fillers, excision and fat injections can work.  This is in my experience.  Sometimes you are able to get some improvement with fillers. But what I’ve experienced is that the filler tends to be injected in the surrounding areas and not where you want them which is under the scar.  You really have to break up the scar tissue that has accumulated under the depression and this needs to be released.   Once release you can fill it with fillers or fat.  What I like to do is undermine the depressed area with different instruments and then fill it with fat.  This however will not improve any surface details / qualities like incisions or lines there.  The only way to improve that is to actually excise this type of scar.  I would really need to see a picture of the scar or the scar in person to better figure out a way to improve it.  Sometimes with the scar revision, you need to go under the skin to really release the collagen bands of scar tissue to alllow the skin to relax.  Then more fat grafting or some filling may still be needed. You can always email me a picture if you would like more details.

here is a video on our Scar Revision:

scar treatment geometric line closure video

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