You can smooth these fat collections in the temple with a number of different techniques by Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery

This was a question that I answered for someone that had a lumps and collections in the temple area that was from a fat injection that was done by another surgeon. This is how I answered this question:

You can smooth these fat collections in the temple that happen after fat injections with a number of different techniques.  The options include steroid injections, mesotherapy, microliposuction, direct excision, more fat grafting to add around the lumps to camouflage the fat collections.  Mesotherapy is a way of dissolving the fat with the use of certain agents.  Steroids can be injected into the collection to dissolve it.  Microliposuction is the use of cannulas to accurately suction the collection away.  The last resort is to make an incision right above the collection and excising or taking the fat out directly. My technique that I use is called the YoungVitalizer which is a novel way of volumizing the face using your own tissue. Below is a picture of a temple augmentation with the YoungVitalizer

temple augmentation with youngvitalizer

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