Jaw Augmentation by Dr. Young releasing his new video on this subject

Jaw Augmentation by Dr. Philip Young releasing his new video on this subject: We have made some new videos for you to watch on our Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon Page. Tell us what you think about all of these new and informative pages. One page that we  would like to talk about is our Jaw Augmentation Video. This is a live video demonstration of us doing this procedure and discussing how Jaw Augmentation can beautify the face. We bring in our ideas on facial beauty and how that ties in with Jaw Augmentation.  You can visit our website and look up Our Philosophy Page to read more about our theory on Facial Beauty.jaw augmentation videoWe also discuss how we do the procedure for anyone interested in this. Jaw Augmentation can markedly can the shape of your face. It can masculinize the face for people who wish to become more masculine. We have a large population of people that wish to have their gender changed and part of this is feminization or masculinization of the face.  Others just want to maintain their sexual identity but just enhance it.  You can do this and still maintain your femininity as well.  For masculinization, you can put in a larger implant.  For maintaining your feminine appearance you can place a smaller implant that will fill the face and yet maintain your feminine looks. These are some of the things we will be talking about with you in more detail when you consult with us.

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