Avoiding the Unnatural Look with Facelifts

Avoiding the Unnatural Look with Facelifts:

This is our post on how to avoid the unnatural looking facelift. (Click here to learn more about Facelifts)Why do people look unnatural with a facelift The biggest problem is likely found in our understanding of Aging. Previous thought has centered around the face dropping and hence pulling the face back has always been the solution. However, nowadays aging has been thought to be played or is due to more of a volume loss. And hence the volume loss to the face always makes the tissues of the face move in and down. But facelifts and traditional procedures have always pulled the face upwards and backwards which is the reversal of the Descent which is good. But it does not create the outward protrusion that is needed to more accurately reverse aging.

Facelifts are good at pulling back the jowls and creating a more v-shaped look in the face and it can improve the nasal labial folds and marionette lines to a degree. But to fully rejuvenate the face and some volumizing should be done throughout the whole face to get a more well rounded and more natural look. Here is more information on Facelifts Explanations and Options.

Here is a picture of a face and neck liftfacelift-before-after-image

This person looks great and this can help you if your jowls and neck are bad and you want to reverse the square look. To rejuvenate this person’s face more, we would suggest filling like this person. This person had the YoungVitalizer, The Incision Less Facial Rejuvenation:youngvitalizer-before-after-6-mo


Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

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