Facelift Options Today for our Seattle Bellevue Clients

Facelift in Seattle Bellevue:

Hello there and thanks for visiting. So we wanted to talk about what are thoughts were on today’s topic of facelifts and how they stand today. Very simply, we have a simple approach to things on the face and neck. If you have jowls we would suggest the facelift first. If you have neck banding or neck laxity, a neck lift is ideal. For the rest of the face we suggest the YoungVitalizer. Below we will discuss more on why we choose those options for simplicity.


The facelift procedure is done through an incision around the ear. For the pull in the face the solid green is used. For more action in the neck the dotted green line is used.  The blue indicates the undermining that occurs with a mini lift. The yellow denotes the undermining for a more complete face and neck lift.


After the elevation you will see this below. This shows the deep plane approach. The smas is the layer that most facelifts use to pull up the face. We use sutures to tie this smas layer up and tight. This also shows where the incision is placed:Facelift-figure-9-Actual-Face-Lift-Procedure-Photo-showing-the-Anatomy-of-the-Face-Lift-Dr-Young-Bellevue-Washington

Neck Lift:

A neck lift entails using an incision under the chin along with the facelift incision just discussed. If you are to do just a neck lift you can limit the incision at the dotted green line. Here is a video on the neck lift procedure that we do:


For the rest of the face, you can look younger in natural way with the YoungVitalizer the incision less facial rejuvenation procedure. here is a before and after of the YoungVitalizer:



Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

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