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What is contributing to the look of something done in Jessica Simpson’s Lips

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

jessica-simpson-lipsI wanted to comment on some blogs about Jessica Simpson’s Lips and why she has received some negative comments regarding her lips.  Her lips are a common occurence in Hollywood.  In a short explanation, basically her upper lips are made too big relative to her lower lips.  I discovered a new theory on facial beauty called the Circles of Prominence. From this I have found that the upper lips should not be more than 1/2 the size of the lower lips in vertical dimension.  In addition the puckering that is created by the volume in the lips and the light that shines back at the observer should only be one iris width wide and 1/2 iris width in vertical height in the upper lips.  A little more is okay but too much more and then you will disrupt the natural balance.  The lower lip should have the most attention in the mouth region.  The height of the lower lip should be one iris width and the puckering of the lower lip should be 3 iris widths.  Jessican has her lower lips to wide, but the vertical dimension is okay.  The upper lips are augmented too much in the horizontal plane, meaning that it is too large as you go side to side.  She really should have had her upper lips plumped up in the center part of her lips mostly and it should be about one iris width wide.  To learn more you can go to my website

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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