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Beverly Hills Housewives and Plastic Surgery

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

by Bellevue | Seattle’s Dr. Philip Young | Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery:

I watch this show with my wife every week.  Not just this one, but we watch all the housewives series.  The Beverly Hills Housewives are gorgeous in my opinion.  Lisa Vanderpump is, in my assessment of facial aesthetics, the most stunning of all the housewives.  I believe she might be the oldest of the group.  I think Adrienne Maloof is gorgeous as well.  She happens to be my colleagues wife, Paul Nassif who is an excellent surgeon.  He trained me while I was at USC’s during my Head and Neck Surgery residency / Facial Plastic Surgery training.  All the housewives are stunning in their own way.

I was reading a blog or something one day about what plastic surgery they have done.  To me it doesn’t look like they have had much done except superficial treatments like botox or fillers, in my opinion.  Taylor appears to have had some lip augmentation which she has confirmed that has had issues.  I think they have been augmented more than the lower lip.  When this happens there is always a disconnect.  Lip augmentation was one of the primary reasons that I started to pursue finding more answers to facial aesthetics.  My theory believes that the upper lip should be half the size of the lower lip and not much more.  The lower lip is the center of attention.  If you look at any persons face and concentrate on the lower lip, you will see that most of the light that is reflected back to you is coming from the lower lip and not the upper lip.  Taylor’s augmentation looks like it might be a permalip or some implant.  I think Taylor is gorgeous even though she might think her lips are not as optimal as they should.  I think all she would need would be to take the implants out and consider a temporary filler for the time being and possibly other forms of augmentation including v-y advancements, fat injections or replacement of the implant in a better position.

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