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Did Lady Gaga have a rhinoplasty

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

lady_gaga_nose I wanted to talk a little about whether Lady Gaga had a Rhinoplasty (nose job / plastic surgery of the nose / nose plastic surgery / nose cosmetic surgery / rino plasty). One can never be sure, I guess, but it appears to me that she has had some refinement of her nasal structures.  Her nasal tip appears narrower and more refined.  Her nasal hump looks like it was made a little lower as well.  Overall I think it looks great.  I think that she could even get a little more taken from her nasal bridge and her nasal tip made a little smaller.  The only drawback with this is that she wouldn’t look the same and it would actually make her look not like herself and she could lose her identity.  This situation appeared to happen with Jennifer Grey.  Although she looks much prettier, it made her look totally different and that might have hurt her career possibly.  If you have any questions on rhinoplasty you can always email me at [email protected].

Thanks for reading, Dr Young

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