Today is the First Day of the rest of My Life

October 17th, 2015

Aside from Facial Plastic Surgery, if there is anyone reading this. I think this quote or thought really helps me at times “Today is the First Day of the rest of My Life”. Now is the time to make changes in your life. It is said that you need to change something in the way that you are doing things 28 times before it starts to set in. Simply put, it is hard to change.  I use this to help me think of positive changes that I want in my life and to live life to the fullest!

Some of the books that I’ve been reading lately has helped in this.  Happiness by Mathieu Ricard; Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey; The Alchemist by by Paulo Coelho; Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman; Emotiona lntelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry, Jean Greaves; Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus by John Gray; The Seven Spiritual Law of Success by Deepak Chopra; How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie have been some of the major influences lately.

I would love to have you read them and contact me to let me know what you think at dryoung(at)

Talk to you soon

Dr Young

Acne Scar Surgery Dr. Philip Young Review Testimonial

October 17th, 2015
This is what Yoojin Kim said about Dr. Philip Young MD, Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery PLLC
5 Stars
“Great experience. I had some deep scars from acne but now after a scar surgery, my over all skin texture is more smooth. I made a right choice.”
We have a unique approach to Acne Scar Treatment called the Acne Scar Vitalizer Treatment. It is a multilayered approach to acne scarring which is a multilayered disease process. The hair follicle extends deeply into the skin. Hence you have to treat all the layers to reverse the scar to the best that you are capable. It involves lasering the surface and stimulating the deeper layers to rise from being a depressed scar. It is based on surgical experience of over 15 years after Dr. Young graduated from medical school in 1999.
Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

Karen Redfearn Dr. Philip Young Bellevue Testimonial

October 17th, 2015
Karen Redfearn Testimonial for Philip Young MD, Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery PLLC
This is what Karen Redfearn said about us:
5 stars
“I would highly recommend Dr. Philip Young and his team. He takes unusual care to get you exactly the results you are looking for. He is also completely accessible 24/7 for any questions or concerns you may have, both before or anytime after surgery. His staff are very professional and always respond quickly to any emails or calls. If you are considering any type of facial procedure or surgery, you cannot go wrong with Dr. Philip Young and his staff.”
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Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

Dr. Philip Young Review Testimonial

October 17th, 2015

Here is what SS said about her proceudure:

SS Dr.  Philip Young Review:

5 STars “OH I love Dr young. He did my first procedure and I am so happy with my look. I look much prettier and get lots of compliment . His office is very cozy and clean. his staff are so professional. I am going back to him for more procedures. He knows what he is doing. He is someone you can trust.”

Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

Rhinoplasty Dr. Philip Young Bellevue | Seattle Review Testimonial

October 17th, 2015
Rhinoplasty Revision Testimonial: This is what Anthony said about us after his Rhinoplasty Revision with us:
5 Stars “Perfect job! I was stunned with the results from Dr. young he made my nose look flawless. He kept in touch with me after surgery making sure that everything was fine and his staff is very kind. He changed my life hopefully he can change yours. I recommend this man he is definitely a game changer. …”
We look forward to helping you!
Dr Philip Young and our Team at Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

Fat Grafting Transfer Question and Answer Session from a recent Patient

May 28th, 2015

Question 1. What are the chances of the fat grafting transfer leaving uneven lumps on patient’s face based on your experience?

Answer: This is pretty rare. It comprises about 30% of our practice or more and we get this about 1-2% if that. It is due to our process of placing fat. We use very small amounts with each passing. For example a cc of fat we will go back and forth with the cannula about 10-20 times.

Question 2. Do you centrifuged/purified the harvested fat cells prior to injecting into the face? I understand this is the standard approach to isolated whole and undamaged fat cells for transfer.
Step One: harvest
Step Two: purify/centrifuge to:
(i) isolate out dead cells/excess fluids, and
(ii) retain Adipose Stem Cells – ASC
Step Three: inject/transfer

Answer: We have tested different speeds and have found the best speed for survival. We have done many different approaches. The standard 3000 rpm, letting the fat sit to separate, harvesting all at once versus staggered, using different cannulas.Based on this we have come up with the best ways to get the best survival.
Question 3. Previously, I had tummy tuck/lipo around torso/abdomen about 7 years ago. I’ve been told that fat cells do not grow back. If the patient gains weight, then the remaining fat cells will grow bigger. Is this true? If so, will the fat cells harvested from my sides/hips be optimal for injection into the face? More importantly, any concerns about scar cells being harvested?

Answer: I don’t typically prefer fat from sites that have had liposuctioning unless those  are the only areas left.

Question 4. What method/tools do you use to collect undamaged and healthy fat cells? use very low suction liposuction? use small gauge hypodermic needle or special cannula?

Answer: I use small 10cc syringes with hand pressure.

Question 5. On average, do people do a second fat transfer 10-15 years as refresher? Just want to set my own personal future expectation :)

Answer:  This depends. You’ll always look better than a twin that didn’t get it done.

Question 6. As a matter of comparison, which procedure do you as a surgeon find easier to perform? Asian Blespharoplasty vs. Facial Fat Transfer?

Answer:  Fat transfer for sure.

Question 7. Also, which procedure do you see your patients recover easier/faster from? Asian Belspharoplasty vs. Facial Fat Transfer?

Answer: This depends on extent of fat transfer and the area.

Question 8. In your experience, what are patients biggest complaint post-op? bruising? swelling? On average, when do most of the bruising/swelling subside by?

Answer: I would say probably bruising and swelling. Most of it goes away at 1 week. However everybody’s perceptions are different.

My biggest concerns are the following:
a) uneven/lumpiness

Answer: This is rare
b) overfilling/chipmunk look

Answer: you can always reduce the fat. This is rare. Most people want more fat and the biggest risk is less fat survival.

I want to look refreshed and natural with the procedure. These two goals are super important to me. Thanks! :) . okay!!

Facial Contouring in Korea

April 12th, 2015

I’m here in Korea right now studying more on Facial Contouring. I’ve been doing contouring in some manner for 6 years here in Bellevue. I have been in Seattle for 3 years before that working on Facial Aesthetic Surgery in other ways. Prior to that I was working in Trauma surgery at Santa Rosa Medical Center and then for another 6 years doing facial contouring with facial trauma at Louisiana Shreveport and Los Angeles at the University of Southern of California.

Korean Facial ContouringThe above picture is a result from one of the clinics | offices I visited in Seoul Korea. This is an amazing result. She looks completely different and much prettier. She underwent bijaw or 2 jaw surgery to impact her upper jaw and reduce the distance from her nose to her lip and show less teeth from the top or upper teeth dentition | maxilla.  She also went through jaw angle and cheek contouring with shaping of the chin as well called Genioplasty.  In Korea, I saw about 8 cheek contouring surgeries, 9 jaw angle contouring, and 11 genioplasties. They really do alot of facial contouring surgery. They have people from all over the world come see them. I saw people from Russia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

Thanks for Reading

Dr. Philip Young


The Korean Plastic Surgeons: our trip to Seoul Korea and Gangnam

April 10th, 2015

We are currently staying in The Gangnam District. This district (Hangul: 강남구; hanja: 江南區; RR: Gangnam-gu) is one of the 25 gu (local government districts) which make up the city of Seoul, South Korea. Gangnam [kaŋnam] literally means “South of the (Han) River”. Apparently, The Greater Gangnam real estate make up 10% of the land value of the entire country. This area has been known as the Beverly Hills of Korea. Apartment values are average about 950 per square feet. New York Cities average is 1454.

I’m here specifically to see more facial contouring procedures made popular by the Korean Plastic Surgeons.  Malar | Cheek contouring involves the movement of the cheek bone more inward to make the cheeks look smaller and more feminine. Jaw contouring involves making the jaws more slender and less masculine. We will update this blog with more pictures soon.

There are very interesting differences between South Korea and America. Apparently, people tend to work 6 days out of the week. They recently past a law that workers can only work 5 days a week. Kids typically go to school from the 7-9 in the morning until 9 at night. After school, kids go to an academy for more learning until 9 at night. Academics is paramount here. Koreans are very friendly here and we are having a great time.

Today is Saturday and we are headed to a seafood walking tour. I’m going to try to be brave and have a live squid, meaning it will be still moving as I eat it!

Thanks for reading and visiting our blog

Dr. Young from Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery.

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Jaw Implant review for Dr. Philip Young of Seattle

March 25th, 2015

Thanks bchg for the great review. I hope to continue to live up to these words:

“I’ve wanted jaw implants for years and now I have them thanks to Dr. Young. This guy is an amazing doctor….”

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Dr. Philip Young General Review and Recomendation

March 25th, 2015

Thanks Jess B for the nice words. We will continue to do our best to improve our patient care. Our goal is to treat our patients as if they were our closest family and friends:

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