Lip Augmentation Options and what is best for you

January 21st, 2015

Transgender facial feminization with VY Advancement lip augmentation, and chin reduction

Lip augmentation is one of the plastic surgery procedures most often performed. I often get asked questions regarding lip augmentation and why this is so important. When I was in LA lip augmentation was the main procedure which prompted me to look into facial beauty and ultimately lead me to find a new theory on facial beauty. The lip, especially the lower lip, is the center of attention in the mouth area. The location of the lower lip is part of a basic structure of how the face is organized. I recently had a paper accepted by the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery looking into the distance between the iris, nasal tip, lower lip and bottom of the chin which supports the importance of the lips playing a major part in beauty. This is one of the reasons why lip augmentation is so powerful. The other reason is due to what the lips are related to in our daily functions. The lips are the area that we have major association with eating, smiling, talking, yelling, kissing, breathing. Some of our most basic and primitive functions are related to the lips. These basic functions have a strong connection with our limbic system which is also the area where some of strong emotions are. The limbic system has a major control over our heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure etc which gives our emotions the physical aspect that they have related to them.  Hence lip augmentation emphasizes these feelings in the subconscious mind. Out of most all the things we do in plastic surgery Lip Augmentation can make the biggest “pow” to your aesthetics or beauty.

In terms of the options, fillers are usually the first thing that most people consider. It is temporary, low risk, low downtime, and you can have almost instant results. On our lip augmentation page we say this about lip augmentation: “Feel more attractive and enhance the area that can have the most impact on your face. Lip augmentation can create that stunning effect.” And, we believe this to be true. The drawbacks with filler lip augmentation is that sometimes it lasts only 3 months when it should last 6 mo to a year.  Among the permanent options, Surgisil Permalip implants can be placed. These solid silicone Perma Lip Implants can be placed in the lips wet dry border to enhance your lips. The recovery is quicker than most and takes about a week. Some people loves this option, some (5%) don’t like the feel and the restriction. When this happens the option is taking them out, which I have done many times for people. In its stead, we often carry out fat grafting which works well in this situation. The fat seems to survive better after the permalip implants stretch out the tissues. Which brings us to another more permanent or longer lasting option, fat injections to the lips or the use of the YoungVitalizer for the lips. Fat injections to the Lips is less invasive, lower risk than other options but the complaint is that they don’t survive in the lips. This is a very real complaint. Out of all the areas of the face, the lips have the worse survival rate. Over injections can help this and so can technique. Botox prior to the fat injections can help but your lips may be weak for 3 mo from the botox. The major reason for the lower survival is the high movement of this area. The movement prevents the fat from receiving blood supply. Its like building a house during an earthquake.

Lip VY advancement, VY plasty lip augmentation is another option. This involves taking V’s inside the lips and advancing the tissue forward to augment the lips the result is the V is closed to a Y shape with the V determining the amount and size of the advancement or augmentation. The recovery for this procedure is much longer and more varied. It is sometimes hard to predict how it will heal bu there are things you can do to balance it out. You can do more VY advancing where needed or do Lip Reduction in areas that need it. The main reason to do this procedure is if you want a major change to your lips and are willing to undergo the longer recovery. We have a healing diary for you to see by clicking here: Lip VY Advancement Augmentation Plasty Healing Diary.

The Buffalo Gull Wing Lip Lift is a procedure which shortens the upper lip specifically the distance from the bottom of the nose to the upper lip. This can really make someone look younger and increase their aesthetics. This distance should be about the distance of the width of the iris per Dr. Young’s theory. When should you do this, when this distance is larger than an iris width you could benefit from this. You also have to accept the incision | scar under the nose. This can be hidden really well and controlled based on technique. This can be done to make the upper lip a little larger and more everted and pouty.

A corner of the lip lift can be done as well. The incision however is at the corner of your mouth and many people don’t like this option. This can be used to elevate the corners and there is a way of altering the muscle to weaken the depressors of the lip so that frowning is weaker!! This is obviously something that people would like.

Botox can also weaken the lip muscles to create a pout that is temporary lasting 3-4 months. Our office can also do this as well.

Other options that can be done are fascia grafts to the lips, alloderm (cadaver skin elements) to the lips, solid one piece fat grafts for the lips. These options are not as good, in our opinion, because they get absorbed and very little augmentation will be longer lasting.

A lip lift done just at the top of the lips have been done before but this option is more invasive and leaves a more noticeable scar in this area. Many people do not like this scar and the location of this scar.

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Dr. Young from Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery.

We are looking for a Body Plastic Surgeon to come join us

December 31st, 2014

We are currently looking for a Body Plastic Surgeon to join us. We are excited to offer body plastic surgery procedures in the near future. Please let us know your thoughts as we work through this exciting venture.


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Our Facial Plastic Surgery Mission Statement

December 31st, 2014

“We are facial plastic surgery experts who set ourselves apart with our passion to improve facial rejuvenation to get the best and most natural results through the fusion of traditional thoughts with innovation and thinking outside of the box. Our mission is to put all of our love into the procedures we do and take care of people as if they were our closest friends and family. We want to deliver unwavering quality care to improve people’s lives through Facial Plastic Surgery and the YoungVitalizer.”

Please reach out to us any time by emailing contactus(at)


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After the facelift, I feel more confident. Younger guys are looking at me more. I’m more excited about the way I look and it has made me feel a lot better. A lot of people don’t know what I had done. They just tell me I look great.

December 31st, 2014

“After the facelift, I feel more confident. Younger guys are looking at me more. I’m more excited about the way I look and it has made me feel a lot better. A lot of people don’t know what I had done. They just tell me I look great.” —S.K.

Facelift Necklift Testimonial

This is a testimonial for our Facelift Necklift Procedure

Feel more confident and stop hiding your neck and jowls. You can improve your looks dramatically with a facelift necklift. This is a safe procedure and we have done over 1300 face neck lifts over the past 12 years. Dr. Philip Young is a triple board certified facial plastic surgeon, researcher, beauty theorist who has published numerous peer reviewed articles, and chapters in major plastic surgery textbooks.


Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Results

November 18th, 2014

Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon EXCLUSIVELY weighs in on Renee Zellweger's new look!


I had many clients and other people mention about Renee Zellweger’s plastic surgery so I thought I weigh in on her results. She does look different. I think with celebrities we have in our minds a set picture of what they look like and there are many things that are related to this person which includes all of her movies. Over time people change and we see a gradual transition and we are okay with that. A sudden change presents more of a shock for people in this case.

The article discusses laser resurfacing, botox, fillers, upper eyelid lift and browlift. I think that all of those things could have been done but I don’t think that she had a brow lift. An eyelift can have a major impact on someone’s looks. A interesting study looked at the eye movements one makes when analyzing a new face and what we find, not surprisingly is that the iris is where we spend the most time looking at. This was pretty important in my discovery of a new theory on facial beauty. This is also the reason that if you do something to the eyes, your perception of what a person looks like will be drastically altered like it is in this case. In my expert opinion, I see that the major changes that have taken place is in the eyes and specifically an upper eyelid lift is what she had done and not much has changed. But because it was her eyes, a major impact and change was Perceived.

Questions about Rhinoplasty for the Ethnic Clientele:

November 18th, 2014
This was a question answer session on Rhinoplasty for a person with Asian ethnicity that was wondering about augmentation for the bridge and the nasal tip. Asian and Ethnic Rhinoplasty can many times mean augmentation or the need to add tissue to shape the nose. This is more common in the Asian Clientele. Often times the cartilage in their nose tend to be weak, disjointed, soft and unlike normal cartilage anatomy. Also the resources of cartilage in the septum tend to be scant and weak as well. Hence, other resources can sometimes be needed such as the ear and rib. The rib tends to be the last  resort given the invasiveness of the approach.  Medpor can sometimes offer some building materials and this has worked well in the Ethnic Asian Clientele.
1.  Do you think I have enough cartilage for my bridge and tip without going to the ribs? Yes I do. The limitation would be how high you can make your bridge and how much you would need for your nose. One ear cartilage can be used for the tip and the other used for the bridge. We would also harvest all we could from your septum including bone and cartilage.
2.  Would there ever be a need to remove an implant made from cartilage? . You shouldn’t if you like it. Once formed you can also alter it. Medpor is something that can be altered as well. It starts acting like your own tissue at 12 weeks. But I understand the fear of implants and natural cartilage is the best.
3.  Some websites say that implants from cartilage can get absorbed or warped over time.  How much chance is there of that? .They would be absorbed in the first few months but not later. Warping is more of an issue with rib cartilage. The ear cartilage is minced and takes on what you shape it into.
4.  Some literatures  also indicate that cartilage donor sites can die.  Is that possible and if so what will happen? .donor sites? Not sure about what exactly your asking but this is not something that has been a problem. 
.did you see this lady below. she had an ear cartilage graft placed:

We are excited about the YoungVitalizer

May 13th, 2014

We are going to be on new day northwest tomorrow with Margaret Larson. From a patient care coordinator standpoint, what I see is that one of the biggest advantages with the YoungVitalizer is the incision less approach. We are really excited to talk to perspective patients from the show to provide information about the procedure and how people can benefit from its unique elements. We can’t wait to share with everyone the groundbreaking information.

Kevin, patient care coordinator and office manager

Jaw Silicone Lateral Implants and determining what size you need

April 22nd, 2014

In general, we use implantech implants and their silicone jaw implants come in 3 sizes 8,10,12 mm. This is the amount of lateral projection for the jaws. The first way to see how they would look is to place the sizers on the area we put the jaw implants to see how they will look based on the outline that they create. Sizers are the exact same size as the actual implants and are used to test to see how they look in there before opening up the actual implant. These same sizers can be used to determine how they will look on a person. The second option is through morphing and using a computer system that can change your before picture to give you an idea of what it can look like after the procedure.

A word about custom lateral silicone jaw implants. In my opinion, most of the cosmetic concerns that people have can be handled by the implants that are made by implantech. These implants have gone through multiple designs and have been shown to create the most ideal enhancements. In fact, because we do revisions of jaw implants as well. Quite often the custom implants are the ones that seem to require more adjustments or revisions.

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Dr. Young from Aesthetic Facial Plastic Surgery.

My experience with a browlift as a Sedation Nurse

April 22nd, 2014

I just sat in on my first browlift. I had never seen anything like that before, so observing was interesting. The before and after right  away was a big difference. At first seeing the the forehead elevated during the surgery was very in depth and was challenging to get used to at first.  Seeing the anatomy live was fascinating while intense at the same time.  What I also thought was I didn’t it took that much work to elevate a brow. So this was good information for me.  The patient looked more awake and her eyes look less tired. The patient loved it as soon as she was up and able to see the preliminary results.


Microtia repair in Vietnam by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue | Seattle

November 23rd, 2013

Microtia repair in Vietnam by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue | Seattle.

I was very lucky to be invited to participate in the Medical Mission to Vietnam with the Humantarian Arm of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Face to Face Organization. There we were able to help people who came in with conditions secondary to trauma (a cheek zygomatic maxillary complex fracture and mandible fracture, nasal fracture), congenital issues (microtia, craniofacial deformity), Chemical burns to the face, among other things. In this blog, I will be presenting our case on microtia which is a congenital condition where the ear is arrested in development. Here is a picture of what we worked on:

Microtia Ear Congenital deformity Dr. Philip Young Bellevue | Seattle

Microtia Ear Congenital deformity Dr. Philip Young Bellevue | Seattle

This is after we placed the implant graft in place below. Some of the architecture of the ear is hidden behind the remnant of the ear. We will move that future earlobe down during the second stage of this microtia repair:

Microtia after rib graft carved and placed by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue | Seattle

Microtia after rib graft carved and placed by Dr. Philip Young of Bellevue | Seattle